CITI training program for Export Control

CITI is a web-based research education program. In addition to training for submitting an application to the IRB, IACUC or IBC committee, there are also training courses for Export Controls and Responsible Conduct of Research.

Individuals seeking training in Export Control Regulations as they relate to University research may access the US Export Control Regulation web-based program on the CITI website. The course contains modules providing a basic overview of export controls. Also provided is information specific to the various federal agencies that oversee export controls including the State Department’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The CITI course can be used to fulfill the export control training requirement for University staff, students and/or employees that may be required by certain Colleges or Departments.

To complete a course in CITI, you must first register. If you have already registered, but do not see the course you wish to take when you are logged in, SKIP to “Adding a Course” below.

Registering in CITI

Go to and click on the “Register” button located in the blue log in box to the right of the homepage. The next steps are numbered 1-7. These steps will collect information to register your account and place you in the correct course based on UNCG’s institutional settings.

Step 1 Choose a participating institution from the search box. Select University of North Carolina at Greensboro..

Step 2 requests that you enter your first and last name along with your email address.
Please enter your name here as you would like it to appear on your completion report received at the end of the course. 

NOTE: Consider adding a second email address that is not a UNCG address. The account belongs to you, the learner, and if you leave UNCG, you will still have access to the account if you use a non-institutional email. This means you can keep the same account and transfer credit if you affiliate with a new institution.

Step 3 Choose a username and password for your account. Please follow the on screen instructions for the expected parameters of each field. Passwords are case sensitive.

During this step you will also select and answer a security question. This question will be used to assist in the recovery of your account if you have forgotten your username or password. Please select a question that is applicable to you and you can comfortably answer for the tech support team.

Step 4 collects demographic information. All information provided is voluntary. Use the blue information question marks for more information on specific categories

Step 5 is optional for professionals seeking credit for CITI Program courses Continuing Education credits or if you are interested in participating in research surveys at a later date.

Step 6 is UNCG specific. Each institution determines the fields listed on this page and what information is required or optional. Some institutions request very specific information such as a employee ID number or campus name. Questions regarding the fields on this page should be directed to your institution CITI Program administrator, Melissa Beck in the Office of Research Integrity.

The questions in Step 7 enroll you in CITI Program courses. These questions are set up based on the institutional specific courses. Please read each question carefully to ensure you are enrolled in the correct course.

Select the courses you would like to take and complete your registration.

Adding a Course

If you have previously registered in CITI and now would like to take an additional course which is not showing on your list of courses, you will need to add it.

Log in to your account. On your main page, under “My Learner Tools for University of North Carolina at Greensboro”, select “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups”. Select the course you wish to add. It should then take you back to your main page and the course should be listed.

Visual Compliance Training Modules

Visual Compliance is the resource currently utilized to screen international visitors to campus. Contact the University ECO as far in advance as possible for any international visitors. Additional information can be found here.

External Links

In addition to the training materials provided by the university, there are a number of external resources available to you that can provide additional information regarding export controls: